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Education and/or Training

Ph.D.2013University of Colorado, Boulder, COGlaciology/Climatology
M.A.2009University of Colorado, Boulder, COGlaciology/Climatology
B.A.2006Bowdoin College, Brunswick, MEGeology/Environmental Studies

Areas of Specialization and/or Research Interests

Glaciology, snow accumulation variability, glacier surface processes, glacier hydrology, ice shelf stability

Professional Experience

2015 - presentResearch Scientist, Colorado State University, Geosciences
2013 - PresentResearch Geophysicist, USGS Alaska Science Center
2013 - PresentResearch Associate, University of Colorado, CIRES
2013 - PresentAntarctic Program Manager, Extreme Ice Survey
2008 - 2013Research Assistant, University of Colorado
2007Technician, Bigelow Laboratory of Ocean Sciences
2006Geophysical Technician- US Army’s CRREL


Total pubs: 18

Sass, L. C., M. G. Loso, E. E. Thoms, and D. McGrath. 2017. Geometry, mass balance and thinning at Eklutna Glacier, Alaska: an altitude-mass-balance feedback with implications for water resources. Journal of Glaciology 63(238):343-354. doi:10.1017/jog.2016.146 [Details] [Full Publication]

McGrath, D., L. C. Sass, S. R. O'Neel, A. A. Arendt, and C. Kienholz. 2017. Hypsometric control on glacier mass balance sensitivity in Alaska and northwest Canada. Earth's Future 5(3):324-336. doi:10.1002/2016EF000479 [Details] [Full Publication]

Jacquet, J., S. McCoy, D. McGrath, D. A. Nimick, M. J. Fahey, J. O'Kuinghttons, B. A. Friesen, and J. Leidich. 2017. Hydrologic and geomorphic changes resulting from episodic glacial lake outburst floods: Rio Colonia, Patagonia, Chile. Geophysical Research Letters 44(2):854-864. doi:10.1002/2016GL071374 [Details] [Full Publication]

Anthony, R. E., R. C. Aster, and D. McGrath. 2017. Links between atmosphere, ocean, and cryosphere from two decades of microseism observations on the Antarctic Peninsula. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 122(1):153-166. doi:10.1002/2016JF004098 [Details] [Full Publication]

Nimick, D. A., D. McGrath, S. A. Mahan, B. A. Friesen, and J. Leidich. 2016. Latest Pleistocene and Holocene glacial events in the Colonia valley, Northern Patagonia Icefield, southern Chile. Journal of Quaternary Science 31(6):551-564. doi:10.1002/jqs.2847 [Details] [Full Publication]

Holland, P. R., A. Brisbourne, H. F. J. Corr, D. McGrath, K. Purdon, J. Paden, H. A. Fricker, F. S. Paolo, and A. H. Fleming. 2015. Oceanic and atmospheric forcing of Larsen C Ice-Shelf thinning. The Cryosphere 9:1005-1024. doi:10.5194/tc-9-1005-2015 [Details] [Full Publication]

Friesen, B. A., C. J. Cole, D. A. Nimick, E. M. Wilson, M. J. Fahey, D. McGrath, and J. Leidich. 2015. Using satellite images to monitor glacial-lake outburst floods–Lago Cachet Dos drainage. USGS Geophysical Investigation Map 3322, scale 1:15,000. doi:10.3133/sim3322 [Details] [Full Publication]

Friesen, B. A., D. A. Nimick, D. McGrath, C. J. Cole, E. M. Wilson, M. J. Fahey, S. M. Noble, J. Leidich, and J. I. O'Kuinghttons Villena. 2015. Documenting 35 years of land cover change—Lago Cachet Dos Drainage, Chile. USGS Scientific Investigations Map:3332, scale 1:24,000, 1 sheet. doi:10.3133/sim3332 [Details] [Full Publication]

McGrath, D., L. C. Sass, S. R. O'Neel, A. A. Arendt, G. J. Wolken, A. Gusmeroli, C. Kienholz, and C. J. McNeil. 2015. End-of-winter snow depth variability on glaciers in Alaska. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 120. doi:10.1002/2015JF003539 [Details] [Full Publication]

McGrath, D., K. Steffen, P. Holland, T. A. Scambos, H. Rajaram, W. Abdalati, and E. Rignot. 2014. The structure and effect of suture zones in Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 119(3):588-602. doi:10.1002/2013JF002935 [Details] [Full Publication]

Hudson, B., I. Overeem, D. McGrath, J. P. M. Syvitski, and A. Mikkelsen. 2014. MODIS observed increase in duration and spatial extent of sediment plumes in Greenland Fjords. The Cryosphere 8:1161-1176. doi:10.5194/tc-8-1161-2014 [Details] [Full Publication]

McGrath, D., N. Bayou, W. Colgan, A. Muto, and K. Steffen. 2013. Recent warming at Summit, Greenland: Global context and implications. Geophysical Research Letters 40. doi:10.1002/grl.50456 [Details] [Full Publication]

McGrath, D., K. Steffen, H. Rajaram, T. A. Scambos, W. Abdalati, and E. Rignot. 2012. Basal crevasses on the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica: Implications for meltwater ponding and hydrofracture. Geophysical Research Letters 39. doi:10.1029/2012GL052413 [Details] [Full Publication]

McGrath, D., K. Steffen, T. A. Scambos, H. Rajaram, G. Casassa, and J. L. Rodriguez Lagos. 2012. Basal crevasses and associated surface crevassing on the Larsen C ice shelf, Antarctica and their role in ice-shelf instability. Annals of Glaciology 58(60). doi:10.3189/2012AoG60A005 [Details] [Full Publication]

McGrath, D. and K. Steffen. 2012. Recent cooler conditions on the Northern Antarctic Peninsula. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 93(7):S154-S155. [Details] [Full Publication]

McGrath, D., W. Colgan, K. Steffen, P. Lauffenburger, and J. Balog. 2011. Assessing the summer water budget of a small moulin basin in the Sermeq Avannarleq ablation region, Greenland Ice Sheet. Journal of Glaciology 57(205):954-964. doi:10.3189/002214311798043735 [Details] [Full Publication]

Phillips, T., S. Leyk, H. Rajaram, W. Colgan, W. Abdalati, D. McGrath, and K. Steffen. 2011. Modeling moulin distribution on Sermeq Avannarleq glacier using ASTER and WorldView imagery and fuzzy set theory. Remote Sensing of Environment 115:2292-2301. doi:10.1016/j.rse.2011.04.029 [Details] [Full Publication]

McGrath, D., K. Steffen, I. Overeem, S. Mernild, B. Hasholt, and M. van den Broeke. 2010. Sediment plumes as a proxy for local ice sheet runoff in Kangerlussuaq Fjord, West Greenland. Journal of Glaciology 56(199):813-821. doi:10.3189/002214310794457227 [Details] [Full Publication]

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