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Andrew Reeves

Title: Geneticist
Address: 4210 University Dr., Anchorage, AK 99508-4626
Phone: (907) 786-7172
Fax: (907) 786-7021

Image of Andrew  Reeves

Education and/or Training

M.S.2009University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, AlaskaBiology
B.S.2000University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MinnesotaForest Resources Management

Areas of Specialization and/or Research Interests

Avian Influenza
Wildlife Diseases
Population Genetics

Professional Experience

2009 - PresentGeneticist, Alaska Science Center, USGS, Anchorage, Alaska
2009Biological Science Technician, Migratory Bird Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Anchorage, Alaska
2006 - 2009Graduate Student Intern, Bristol Bay Seabird Survey, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Anchorage, Alaska
2008Laboratory Instructor, Cellular Biology, University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska

Professional Activities and/or Memberships

The Wildlife Society
The American Ornithologists' Union

Honors and/or Awards

2008, First Place Student Paper Presentation, Anchorage Annual Chapter Conference, Alaska Chapter of the Wildlife Society


Total pubs: 19

Drovetski, S. V., A. B. Reeves, Y. A. Red'kin, I. V. Fadeev, E. A. Koblik, V. N. Sotnikov, and G. Voelker. 2018. Multi-locus reassessment of a striking discord between mtDNA gene trees and taxonomy across two congeneric species complexes. Molecular Biology and Evolution 120:43-52. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2017.11.023 [Details] [Full Publication]

Xu, Y., A. M. Ramey, A. S. Bowman, T. J. DeLiberto, M. L. Killian, S. Krauss, J. M. Nolting, M. K. Torchetti, A. B. Reeves, R. J. Webby, D. E. Stallknecht, and X.-F. Wan. 2017. Low pathogenic influenza A viruses in North American diving ducks contribute to the emergence of a novel highly pathogenic influenza A (H7N8) virus. Journal of Virology 91(9):e02208-16. doi:10.1128/JVI.02208-16 [Details] [Full Publication]

Fleskes, J. P., A. M. Ramey, A. B. Reeves, and J. L. Yee. 2017. Body mass, wing length, and condition of wintering ducks relative to hematozoa infection. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 8(1):89-100; e1944-687X. doi:10.3996/082016-JFWM-063 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., N. J. Hill, T. Cline, M. Plancarte, S. W. De La Cruz, M. L. Casazza, J. T. Ackerman, J. P. Fleskes, T. W. Vickers, A. B. Reeves, F. Gulland, C. Fontaine, D. J. Prosser, J. A. Runstadler, and W. M. Boyce. 2017. Surveillance for highly pathogenic influenza A viruses in California during 2014–2015 provides insights into viral evolutionary pathways and the spatiotemporal extent of viruses in the Pacific Americas Flyway. Emerging Microbes and Infections 6:e80. doi:10.1038/emi.2017.66 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., A. B. Reeves, J. L. TeSlaa, S. Nashold, T. F. Donnelly, J. Bahl, and J. S. Hall. 2016. Evidence for common ancestry among viruses isolated from wild birds in Beringia and highly pathogenic intercontinental reassortant H5N1 and H5N2 influenza A viruses. Infection, Genetics, and Evolution 40:176-185. doi:10.1016/j.meegid.2016.02.035 [Details] [Full Publication]

Reeves, A. B., R. L. Poulson, D. Muzyka, H. Ogawa, K. Imai, V. N. Bui, J. S. Hall, M. Pantin-Jackwood, D. E. Stallknecht, and A. M. Ramey. 2016. Limited evidence of intercontinental dispersal of avian paramyxovirus serotype 4 by migratory birds. Infection, Genetics, and Evolution 40:104-108. doi:10.1016/j.meegid.2016.02.031 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., J. M. Pearce, A. B. Reeves, R. L. Poulson, J. Dobson, B. Lefferts, K. A. Spragens, and D. E. Stallknecht. 2016. Surveillance for Eurasian-origin and intercontinental reassortant highly pathogenic influenza A viruses in Alaska, spring and summer 2015. Virology Journal 13:55. doi:10.1186/s12985-016-0511-9 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., A. B. Reeves, R. L. Poulson, D. L. Carter, N. Davis-Fields, and D. E. Stallknecht. 2016. Genome sequence of a novel H14N7 subtype Influenza A virus isolated from a Blue-Winged Teal (Anas discors) harvested in Texas, USA. Genome Announcements 4(3):e00520-16. doi:10.1128/genomeA.00520-16 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., M. K. Torchetti, R. L. Poulson, D. Carter, A. B. Reeves, P. Link, P. Walther, C. J. Lebarbenchon, and D. E. Stallknecht. 2016. Evidence for wild waterfowl origin of H7N3 influenza A virus detected in captive-reared New Jersey pheasants. Archives of Virology. doi: 10.1007/s00705-016-2947-z [Details] [Full Publication]

Reeves, A. B. and H. S. Ip. 2016. H9N2 influenza A virus isolated from a Greater White-fronted wild goose (Anser albifrons) in Alaska has a mutation in the PB2 gene, which is associated with pathogenicity in human pandemic 2009 H1N1. Genome Announcements 4(5):e00869-16. doi:10.1128/genomeA.00869-16 [Details] [Full Publication]

Reeves, A. B., M. M. Smith, B. W. Meixell, J. P. Fleskes, and A. M. Ramey. 2015. Genetic diversity and host specificity varies across three genera of blood parasites in ducks of the Pacific Americas Flyway. PLoS One 10(2):e0116661. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0116661 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., A. B. Reeves, S. A. Sonsthagen, J. L. TeSlaa, S. Nashold, T. F. Donnelly, B. Casler, and J. S. Hall. 2015. Dispersal of H9N2 influenza A viruses between East Asia and North America by wild birds. Virology 482:79-83. doi:10.1016/j.virol.2015.03.028 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., A. B. Reeves, R. L. Poulson, J. L. Wasley, D. Esler, and D. E. Stallknecht. 2015. Sampling of sea ducks for influenza A viruses in Alaska during winter provides lack of evidence for epidemiological peak of infection. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 51(4):938-941. doi:10.7589/2015-03-057 [Details] [Full Publication]

Reeves, A. B., J. M. Pearce, A. M. Ramey, C. R. Ely, J. A. Schmutz, P. L. Flint, D. V. Derksen, H. S. Ip, and K. A. Trust. 2013. Genomic analysis of avian influenza viruses from waterfowl in Western Alaska. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 49(3):600-610. doi:10.7589/2012-04-108 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., A. B. Reeves, H. Ogawa, H. S. Ip, K. Imai, V. N. Bui, E. Yamaguchi, N. Y. Silko, and C. L. Afonso. 2013. Genetic diversity and mutation of avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 (Newcastle disease virus) in wild birds and evidence for intercontinental spread. Archives of Virology 158(12):2495-2503. doi:10.1007/s00705-013-1761-0 [Details] [Full Publication]

Reeves, A. B., J. M. Pearce, A. M. Ramey, B. W. Meixell, and J. A. Runstadler. 2011. Interspecies transmission and limited persistence of low pathogenic avian influenza genomes among Alaska dabbling ducks. Infection, Genetics, and Evolution 11(8):2004-2010. doi:10.1016/j.meegid.2011.09.011 [Details] [Full Publication]

Pearce, J. M., A. B. Reeves, A. M. Ramey, J. W. Hupp, H. S. Ip, M. J. Bertram, M. J. Petrula, B. D. Scotton, K. A. Trust, B. W. Meixell, and J. A. Runstadler. 2011. Interspecific exchange of avian influenza virus genes in Alaska: The influence of trans-hemispheric migratory tendency and breeding ground sympatry. Molecular Ecology 20(5):1015-1025. doi:10.1111/j.1365-294X.2010.04908.x [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., J. M. Pearce, A. B. Reeves, J. C. Franson, M. R. Petersen, and H. S. Ip. 2011. Evidence for limited exchange of avian influenza viruses between seaducks and dabbling ducks at Alaska Peninsula coastal lagoons. Archives of Virology 156(10):1813-1821. doi:10.1007/s00705-011-1059-z [Details] [Full Publication]

Reeves, A. B., S. V. Drovetski, and I. V. Fadeev. 2008. Mitochondrial DNA imply a stepping-stone colonization of Beringia by Arctic Warbler Phylloscopus borealis. Journal of Avian Biology 39(5):567-575. doi:10.1111/j.0908-8857.2008.04421.x [Details] [Full Publication]

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