Photo Credit: Guido Grosse

Program Updated September 7, 2018Final Program Schedule of the 15th ICRSS

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

  • Charles Miller, NASA / JPL: Deputy Science Lead, Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE)
  • Tobias Bolch, University of Zurich, Switzerland: Leader of the research group "Mountain Cryosphere"
  • Martha Raynolds, University of Alaska Fairbanks: Research Associate in the Alaska Geobotany Center
  • Thomas Krumpen, Alfred Wegener Institute: Research Associate in the Sea Ice Physics Group
  • Atsushi Matsuoka, University of Laval, Canada: Research Associate in the Ocean Ecosystems/Geosystem Group of the Takuvik Program
  • Irena Hajnsek, Professor of Eart Observation at Institute of Environmental Engineering ETH Zurich and Lead of Pol-InSAR Research Group at Microwaves and Radar Institute of the German Aerospace Centre

Keynote presentation: 25+5 min: 6 presentations + 1 evening lecture

Oral presentation: 15+5 min: 57 presentations

Poster 1min flash talks: 45 flash talks

Poster presentations: 45 posters

15th ICRSS Final Program