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Welcome to the 11th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium

September 20-24, 2010

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Welcome to the 11th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium. This conference deals specifically with remote sensing applications in the polar environments, both Arctic and Antarctic. It will provide an international forum for the discussion of work currently being carried out in the circumpolar regions. Topics that have been discussed at previous CRSS meetings have included:
Map showing the locations of CRSS conferences. Links to larger image.

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Wildlife management and habitat protection
  • Arctic vegetation
  • Land and water management
  • Pollution control
  • Snow and ice, glaciers
  • Climatology
  • Oceanography
  • Geology
  • Mineral and oil and gas exploration
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Wetlands
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Applications
  • Instrumentation
  • LiDAR
  • Hyperspectral remote sensing
  • Ground, Airborne and Satellite imaging
  • Archaeology
  • Climate change
  • Data Integration and Data Mining, Modeling
  • Geographic Information System and Web based portals
  • Boreal processes that have direct influence on Arctic processes
  • International Polar Year (IPY 2007/2008)

This symposium will be of interest to scientists, scholars, students, and industry and government professionals. It will provide a forum for the exchange of current applied international research, the presentation of new technology, and the advancement of international cooperation in the circumpolar regions. It will also serve as an excellent way to report on activities undertaken as part of the International Polar Year.

The venue of the symposium is the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), which is part of the University of Cambridge. SPRI was founded in 1920 and has had a strong involvement in remote sensing of polar regions for many years.

Prior to the symposium, the UK Polar Network (the UK branch of APECS, the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) and the Earth Observation Technology Cluster will host a free Circumpolar Remote Sensing Workshop Day aimed at early career scientists ranging from undergraduates to Postdocs. For information on attending, please see the UKPN website. Workshop attendees will also be invited to the Icebreaker Reception for further networking and discussion opportunities. Symposium attendees are invited to come a little early and get involved by giving a talk or participating in the career discussion panel. Please see the program section and email if you are interested. logo