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Beak Deformity and Banded Bird Observation Report

OMB Control Number 1028-0116
OMB Expiration Date 05-31-2026

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If you see a bird with a deformed beak, please fill out the form below to report your observation. Be sure to click "submit" at the bottom of the page when you are finished. This information will help us determine where and how many birds are affected. For any additional questions or comments, please email

Observer Contact (This information will remain confidential)
Location of Observation
Description of Deformity: Please provide a brief physical description of abnormal beak growth.  Is the beak unusually long or short?  Are the top and bottom parts of the beak crossed or curved?  If so, how severely and in which direction?  If possible, estimate length (or relative proportion) of the beak and any over- or under-bite.
Band combination: If the bird is banded, please note which bands are on the bird's right leg, which bands are on the bird's left leg, and which colors are on top (closest to the bird's body).
Habitat: Describe habitat where bird was observed (e.g. intertidal zone, coniferous forest, feeder, dumpster, etc.)
Behavior: Describe behavior of deformed bird (e.g. feeding, roosting, walking, etc.)
Flock Composition: Describe the number of birds in the flock and any unusual interactions. If bird was alone, please note this.
Other Information: Please include any other information that may be relevant to this observation.
Do you have any photos of the beak deformity or bands?
Allow use of photos by USGS for educational or research purposes?

If digital, please send to: using the Report ID given on web page after clicking "Submit" below.

If print, slides, or negatives, please send to:
Caroline Van Hemert
USGS Alaska Science Center
4210 University Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99508

*The photo contact information is repeated on the submission page.

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