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Northern Pintail

Northern PintailEarly on, the USGS identified the Northern Pintail as a model species to test the hypothesis that wild birds play a role in the dispersal of avian influenza viruses between continents.  Northern Pintails are one of the most common waterfowl species, breeding throughout high latitudes of Russian and Alaska and wintering throughout Asia and the lower-48 U.S. USGS research in the U.S. and Japan determined Northern Pintails are highly migratory, with satellite telemetry and band recovery data finding movement of pintails between East Asia and North America. Population genetic and banding data demonstrated that East Asia and Pacific U.S. populations are essentially one group that partially overlaps in northeastern Russia during the summer. In 2008, the USGS conducted genetic sequencing of avian influenza viruses isolated from pintails in Alaska and revealed a high frequency of Eurasian genes, suggesting viral gene flow between Asian and North America (See Koehler et al. 2008 below). Ongoing USGS Alaska Science Center research continues to provide support for maintaining Northern Pintails as a species of interest in surveillance efforts for foreign-origin pathogens into North America.

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Feeding Whooper Swans and Pintail Ducks in Japan

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