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Red-faced Cormorant Tracking Maps and Data Visualizations

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Available here are tracking data for the red-faced cormorant, a seabird species that is found only in the North Pacific Ocean, breeding and wintering from southern Alaska and throughout the Aleutian Islands to Far Eastern Russia. These data were collected to better understand the migratory patterns of red-faced cormorants that breed in the Aleutian Islands.

Only two red-faced cormorants were marked in this study and neither moved very far from the original marking location.

Note: These maps serve only as a depiction of the geographic content of the specific data provided and may be inappropriate for inferences and interpretation outside the intent of the original study. For example, maps may portray only certain ages, sexes, limited numbers of animals or variable tracking duration and start times that may limit inference for other questions. Users are advised to read the publication(s) and data set metadata associated with these maps to understand appropriate use and data limitations.

All animals (n = 2)

All animals tracking in an animated gif
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Telemetry map for all Red-faced Cormorant Tracking Maps and Data Visualizations species
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Individual Maps


Tracking map for species RFCO_RF01_2006_ATU_15732
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Tracking map for species RFCO_RF02_2006_ATU_36397
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