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Southern Beaufort Sea Polar Bear (1985-2016) GPS Tracking Maps and Data Visualizations

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Available here are data from satellite radio-collared adult female polar bears captured in the southern Beaufort Sea (1985-2016). These data were used for assessing the regional, seasonal and decadal efficacy of retrospective polar bear resource selection functions (RSF) developed for the Arctic basin and its peripheral seas. These data are not reported with individual animal IDs through more than one season, so visualizations are pooled by month.

Note: These maps serve only as a depiction of the geographic content of the specific data provided and may be inappropriate for inferences and interpretation outside the intent of the original study. For example, maps may portray only certain ages, sexes, limited numbers of animals or variable tracking duration and start times that may limit inference for other questions. Users are advised to read the publication(s) and data set metadata associated with these maps to understand appropriate use and data limitations.

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