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Recreation Survey Results in Brown Bear Habitats, 2013

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These data are the results of a modified Delphi survey in which expert opinion was solicited on the occurrence and frequency of recreational activities in brown bear habitats and their potential impacts. Twelve bear experts were surveyed and identified by either 1) their scientific publications on the impacts of one or more human recreational activity on bears, or 2) their experience in managing bear populations impacted by human recreational activities. Respondents were asked to estimate the frequency of each identified recreational activity for the bear populations they have experience with, estimate the proportion of each specific bear population exposed to each activity, and indicate the potential impacts of recreational activities in those bear populations. The frequency of occurrence of a recreational activity category and the proportion of the bear population exposed are reported from the final survey. We report the percentage of experts that noted potential for an impact on reduced survival, decreased nutritional intake, displacement, and reduced reproduction.

Author(s): Fortin-Noreus, J. K.; Rode, K. D.; Hilderbrand, G. V.; Wilder, J.; Farley, S. D.; Jorgensen, C. L.; Marcot, B. G.

Suggested Citation:
Fortin-Noreus, J. K., Rode, K. D., Hilderbrand, G. V., Wilder, J., Farley, S. D., Jorgensen, C. L. and Marcot, B. G., 2015, Recreation Survey Results in Brown Bear Habitats, 2013: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Referenced Publication(s):
Fortin, J. K., K. D. Rode, G. V. Hilderbrand, J. Wilder, S. D. Farley, C. L. Jorgensen, and B. G. Marcot. 2015. Impacts of human recreation on brown bears (Ursus arctos): a review and new management tool. PLoS One 110(1): e0141983. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0141983

DataID: 55 | doi:10.5066/F71V5C1F | Date Posted Online: 2015-10-28 | Last Updated: 2019-07-29 12:41:39