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Carbon Isotope Concentrations in Stream Food Webs of the Arctic Network National Parks, Alaska, 2014-2016

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This dataset includes information on the carbon samples that were collected from organic and mineral soils, streams, algae, invertebrates, and fish in the Arctic Network Parks.

Author(s): Carey, M. P.; O'Donnell, J. A.; Koch, J. C.

Suggested Citation:
Carey, M. P., O'Donnell, J. A. and Koch, J. C., 2019, Carbon isotope concentrations in stream food webs of the Arctic Network National Parks, Alaska, 2014-2016: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Referenced Publication(s):

O'Donnell, J. A., M. P. Carey, J. C. Koch, X. Xu, B. A. Poulin, J. Walker, and C. E. Zimmerman. 2020. Permafrost hydrology drives the assimilation of old carbon by stream food webs in the Arctic. Ecosystems 23:435-453. doi:10.1007/s10021-019-00413-6

DataID: 250 | doi:10.5066/P9NAUIQR | Date Posted Online: 2019-08-15 | Last Updated: 2023-09-06 14:26:43

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