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Sea Otter Aerial Survey Data from Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, 1999-2012

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The data package "Sea Otter Aerial Survey Data from Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, 1999-2012" provides raw data for examining abundance and distribution of northern sea otters (Enhydra lutris kenyoni) in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in southeast Alaska, based on data collected during a series of population-wide aerial surveys. The USGS aerial sea otter surveys have been completed multiple times using consistent methodology involving aerial-based counts. The surveys provide data and a population estimate that Park and other Federal management agencies use for decision making and planning additional research. This data package includes a series of files with the raw digital data that was used for population estimates and population modeling found in related manuscripts.

Author(s): Esslinger, G. G.

Suggested Citation:
Esslinger, G. G., 2019, Sea Otter aerial survey data from Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, 1999-2012: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Referenced Publication(s):
Tinker, M. T., V. A. Gill, G. G. Esslinger, J. L. Bodkin, M. Monk, M. Mangel, D. H. Monson, W. W. Raymond, and M. L. Kissling. 2019. Trends and Carrying Capacity of Sea Otters in Southeast Alaska. Journal of Wildlife Management 83(5):1073-1089. doi:10.1002/jwmg.21685

DataID: 244 | doi:10.5066/P9SBAFF6 | Date Posted Online: 2019-07-02 | Last Updated: 2019-07-29 12:41:44