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Habitat Dynamics: Using Satellite Remote-Sensing in Landscape-Scale Wildlife and Ecological Process Studies

Commensurate with accelerating advances in remote sensing, satellite telemetry, and geographic information system (GIS) technology, the primary objective of this task is to evaluate and apply these tools for improving methodologies used in wildlife and ecosystem research.


This project serves as a focal point of capability and expertise for integrating remote sensing, satellite telemetry and GIS. Working collaboratively with other principal investigators, this project applies satellite and software technologies to study spatial and temporal interactions between wildlife populations and their environment. There are three primary objectives: 1) develop optimal structures for wildlife distribution databases with emphasis on satellite tracking data; 2) develop environmental thematic databases with emphasis on Arctic regions; and 3) develop GIS algorithms for integrated data analyses.
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Remote Sensing and Sea Ice ResearchPublication
The Douglas Argos-Filter AlgorithmProject Website


Douglas, David C., 907-364-1576

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Start Year: 2005
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