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News Releases

Date News Release Title
2017-11-18Return to the Alaska Wilderness: USGS Scientists visit one of North America's fastest-moving faults
2017-07-17Wildlife Cameras Offer Insight on Geese for Industry and Researchers in the Arctic
2017-06-06Increased Sea Ice Drift Puts Polar Bears on Faster Moving Treadmill
2017-05-02Wildlife Recovery Following the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill was Highly Variable Across Species
2017-05-01Avian Flu Testing of Wild Ducks Informs Biosecurity and Can Reduce Economic Loss
2017-03-15Study Evaluates Critical Mineral-Resource Potential in Alaska
2017-03-15Wild Birds an Unlikely Source of Costly Poultry Disease
2017-03-13Increase of Alaskan Snow Geese OK for Other Species
2017-03-07Caribou Appear to Keep up with Warming Arctic
2017-03-02Increasing Shrubs Mean Changes for Some but Not All Arctic Birds
2017-02-16Scientists find Evidence of Alaskan Ecosystem Health in Harlequin Ducks
2017-02-01Christian Zimmerman to Lead Studies as New Director of the Alaska Science Center
2016-12-19The Other 364 Days of the Year: The Real Lives of Wild Reindeer
2016-12-08A Marine Mystery: What’s Causing Seabird Die-Offs in Alaska?
2016-09-28Fifty Years of Glacier Change Research in Alaska
2016-09-26Gulls in Alaska Found to Carry Antibiotic Resistant E. coli
2016-09-07Uncharted: Exploring one of America's fastest fault
2016-07-26Newly discovered virus a prime suspect in mysterious often-fatal beak disorder spreading to birds across the United States
2016-07-18More than 160 years of Walrus Haulout Observations Reported by Russians and Americans Published as Database
2016-07-07Hypersprectral Surveying: A tool for Assessing the mineral Potential of Alaska
2016-06-29Polar Bear Outlook Favorable Under Certain Scenarios
2016-06-21New USGS Alaska Geochemical Atlas Tells Rich Tales About the Last Frontier
2016-06-21Waterfowl Populations Resilient to Fires in the Western Boreal Forest
2016-05-11Polar Bear Point of View Video
2016-04-20How Climate Change Might Affect Polar Bears Bodies
2016-04-05Alaska Still a Likely Portal for Avian Influenza
2016-02-0150-Year-Old Mystery Solved: Seafloor Mapping Reveals Cause of 1964 Tsunami that Destroyed Alaskan Village
2016-01-12New Geological Evidence Aids Tsunami Hazard Assessments from Alaska to Hawaii
2016-01-05First Ever Digital Geologic Map of Alaska Published
2015-12-18The Other 364 Days of the Year: The Real Lives of Wild Reindeer
2015-11-12Arctic Tundra Fire Causes Widespread Permafrost Landscape Changes
2015-10-19Arctic Mammals May Face Shrinking Habitat form Climate Warming
2015-10-06Wild Berry Harvests Less Reliable According to Alaskan Local Observers
2015-08-10Geologic Map of Baranof Island, Southeastern Alaska Now Online
2015-07-1640 Years of North Pacific Seabird Survey Data Now Online
2015-06-30Greenhouse Gas Emissions Remain the Primary Threat to Polar Bears
2015-06-08Tectonic Model Shows North America May Once Have Been Linked to Australia or Antarctica
2015-04-01Polar Bear Unlikely to Thrive on Land-based foods
2015-03-21New Technology Helps Identify Dispersal of Avian Flu Virus between Asia and Alaska
2015-03-18From Icefield to Ocean - What Glacier Change Might Mean for the Future of Alaska
2015-02-24Alaska Climate Science Center Designer to Receive International Vizzie Award
2015-02-23USGS Identifies Areas with Critical Mineral Resource Potential in North-Central Alaska
2015-01-20Melting Glaciers Increase the Flow of Carbon to Downstream Ecosystems
2015-01-06Polar Bears Shifting to Areas with More Sea Ice - Genetic Study Reveals
2014-12-15New Scientific Study Supports that Capture-based Research is Safe for Polar Bears
2014-11-17Southern Beaufort Sea Polar Bear Population Declined in the 2000s
2014-09-23A 100-year History of Flooding on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
2014-09-08Research Shows Historic Decline in Pacific Walrus Population
2014-07-24Climate Change Could Alter Range of Caribou and May Impact Hunters' Access
2014-07-09Observing Polar Bears from Space
2014-07-03Hyperspectral Aerial Survey will Enhance Mapping Capabilities
2014-06-06Through the Eyes of a Polar Bear
2014-05-28Map Store Closes, Moves Online
2014-04-30Can a Creeping Segment of the Alaska-Aleutian Subduction Zone Generate a Great Earthquake?
2014-04-08Sea Otters Can Get the Flu, Too
2014-03-27Prior Great Earthquakes Unveiled at the Western Edge of the 1964 Alaska Rupture
2014-03-20The Science Behind the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami
2014-03-18Historic Reports Reissued for Great Alaska Quake 50th Anniversary
2014-03-11"Ultra Marathon Champion" Bird May Plan Flights Based on Weather Across Pacific
2014-02-2825 Years After the Exxon Valdez, Sea Otter Population at Pre-Spill Levels
2014-02-20Media Advisory: USGS to Host Congressional Briefing: Earthquake Science and Remaining Mysteries
2014-01-21Sea Ice Decline and Permafrost Thaw Creates Goose Habitat in Arctic Alaska
2013-11-21New Book Celebrates Cup'ik Youth
2013-07-30Zoo Polar Bear Sports High-Tech Neckwear for Conservation
2013-06-27Potential Hot Spot for Avian Flu Transmission Identified in Western Alaska
2013-06-04Research on Rare Earth Elements in Alaska Could Help Make Them Less Rare
2013-05-30Alaska Geochemical Database Updated
2012-11-14USGS Study Tracks Pacific Walrus, Observes Effects of Arctic Sea Ice Loss on Behavior
2012-10-18Last Frontier Historical Topographic Maps
2012-06-26Shrews in the News - Rapid Evolution of Shrews in Response to Climate Change
2012-06-14Lifetime Mates Good for the Goose and the Gander
2012-04-06Technical Announcement: Polar Bears in Alaska Observed with Patchy Hair Loss and other Skin Lesions
2012-01-23New Study Reveals Past and Present Erosion Hazards of the Matanuska River
2012-01-06Satellite Tracking Helps Russian Tanker Navigate Critical Sea Duck Habitat
2011-12-22New Research Shows How Much Food is Needed by Seabirds
2011-10-25Scientists Quantify Export Of Mercury From The Yukon River
2011-09-13New Video/Images of Walrus Haulout
2011-08-16Pacific Walruses Studied as Sea Ice Melts
2011-08-01Biologists to Conduct Sea Otter Expedition from Forks, Wash.
2011-05-16Anchors Aweigh for Alaska Sea Otter Expedition Investigating Coastal Health
2009-09-09Opting Out of Migration: As Climate Warms, Arctic-Nesting Geese Elect to Winter in Alaska Instead of Mexico
2009-02-18Erosion Doubles Along Part of Alaska's Arctic Coast: Cultural and Historical Sites Lost
2006-01-11USGS Announces that Augustine Volcano in Alaska Erupted Today

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