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Total pubs: 21

Peacock, E., S. A. Sonsthagen, M. E. Obbard, A. N. Boltunov, E. V. Regehr, N. Ovsyanikov, J. Aars, S. N. Atkinson, G. K. Sage, A. G. Hope, E. Zeyl, L. Bachmann, D. Ehrich, K. T. Scribner, S. C. Amstrup, S. E. Belikov, E. W. Born, A. E. Derocher, I. Stirling, M. K. Taylor, Ø. Wiig, D. Paetkau, and S. L. Talbot. 2015. Implications of the circumpolar genetic structure of polar bears for their conservation in a rapidly warming Arctic. PLoS One 10(1): e112021. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0112021 [Details] [Full Publication]

Hope, A. G., S. Y. W. Ho, J. L. Malaney, J. A. Cook, and S. L. Talbot. 2014. Accounting for rate variation among lineages in comparative demographic analyses. Evolution 68(9):2689-2700. doi:10.1111/evo.12469 [Details] [Full Publication]

Hope, A. G., N. Panter, J. A. Cook, S. L. Talbot, and D. W. Nagorsen. 2014. Multilocus phylogeography and systematic revision of North American water shrews (genus: Sorex). Journal of Mammalogy 95(4):722-738. doi:10.1644/13-MAMM-A-196 [Details] [Full Publication]

Sonsthagen, S. A., G. K. Sage, M. Fowler, A. G. Hope, J. A. Cook, and S. L. Talbot. 2013. Development and characterization of 21 polymorphic microsatellite markers for the barren-ground shrew, Sorex ugyunak (Mammalia: Sorcidae), through next-generation sequencing, and cross-species amplification in the masked shrew, Sorex cinereus. Conservation Genetics Resources 5(2):315-318. doi:10.1007/s12686-012-9792-5 [Details] [Full Publication]

Hope, A. G., E. Waltari, D. C. Payer, J. A. Cook, and S. L. Talbot. 2013. Future distribution of tundra refugia in northern Alaska. Nature Climate Change 3:931-938. doi:10.1038/nclimate1926 [Details] [Full Publication]

Deardorff, E., R. A. Nofchissey, J. A. Cook, A. G. Hope, A. Tsvetkova, S. L. Talbot, and G. D. Ebel. 2013. Serological evidence of Powassan virus in mammals from Russia, Alaska and New Mexico, 2004-2007. Emerging Infectious Diseases 19(12). doi:10.3201/eid1912.130319 [Details] [Full Publication]

Dawson, N. G., A. G. Hope, S. L. Talbot, and J. A. Cook. 2013. A multilocus evaluation of ermine (Mustela erminea) across the Holarctic, testing hypotheses of Pleistocene diversification in response to climate change. Journal of Biogeography 41(3):464-475. doi:10.1111/jbi.12221 [Details] [Full Publication]

Pearce, J. M., A. R. DeGange, P. L. Flint, T. F. Fondell, D. D. Gustine, L. E. Holland-Bartels, A. G. Hope, J. W. Hupp, J. C. Koch, J. A. Schmutz, S. L. Talbot, D. H. Ward, and M. E. Whalen. 2012. Changing Arctic Ecosystems - Measuring and forecasting the response of Alaska's terrestrial ecosystem to a warming climate. USGS Fact Sheet 2012-3144, 4 p. [Details] [Full Publication]

Hope, A. G. 2012. High shrew diversity on Alaska's Seward Peninsula: Community assembly and environmental change. Northwestern Naturalist 93:101-110. [Details]

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Hope, A. G., N. Takebayashi, K. E. Galbreath, S. L. Talbot, and J. A. Cook. 2012. Temporal, spatial, and ecological dynamics of speciation among amphi-Beringian small mammals. Journal of Biogeography 40(3):415-429. doi:10.1111/jbi.12056 [Details] [Full Publication]

Hope, A. G., E. Waltari, V. B. Fedorov, A. V. Goropashnaya, S. L. Talbot, and J. A. Cook. 2011. Persistence and diversification of the Holarctic shrew, Sorex tundrensis (Family Soricidae), in response to climate change. Molecular Ecology 20(20):4346-4370. doi:10.1111/j.1365-294X.2011.05226.x [Details] [Full Publication]

Kang, H. J., S. N. Bennett, A. G. Hope, J. A. Cook, and R. Yanagihara. 2011. Shared ancestry of a newfound mole-borne hantavirus and hantaviruses harbored by Cricetid rodents. Journal of Virology 85:7486-7593. doi:10.1128/JVI.02450-10 [Details] [Full Publication]

Hope, A. G., E. Waltari, N. E. Dokuchaev, S. Abramov, T. Dupal, S. O. MacDonald, H. Henttonen, and J. A. Cook. 2010. New perspectives on biotic diversification at high latitudes provided by the Eurasian least shrew and Alaskan tiny shrew (Soricidae). Journal of Mammalogy 91:1041-1057. doi:10.1644/09-MAMM-A-402.1 [Details] [Full Publication]

Kang, H. J., S. Arai, A. G. Hope, J. A. Cook, and R. Yanagihara. 2010. Novel hantavirus in the flat-skulled shrew (Sorex roboratus). Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 10:593-597. doi:10.1089/vbz.2009.0159 [Details] [Full Publication]

Kang, H. J., S. Arai, A. G. Hope, J-W. Song, J. A. Cook, and R. Yanagihara. 2009. Genetic diversity and phylogeography of Seewis virus in the Eurasian common shrew in Finland and Hungary. Virology Journal 6(208). doi:10.1186/1743-422X-6-208 [Details] [Full Publication]

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Hope, A. G. and R. R. Parmenter. 2007. Food habits of rodents inhabiting arid and semi-arid ecosystems of central New Mexico. Museum of Southwestern Biology Special Publication 9:1-75. [Details] [Full Publication]

Cook, J. A., E. P. Hoberg, A. V. Koehler, S. O. MacDonald, H. Henttonen, L. Wickstrom, V. Haukisalmi, K. E. Galbreath, F. Chernyavski, N. E. Dokuchaev, A. Lahzuhtkin, A. G. Hope, E. Waltari, A. Runck, A. Veitch, R. Popko, E. Jenkins, S. Kutz, and R. Eckerlin. 2005. Beringia: Intercontinental exchange and diversification of high latitude mammals and their parasites during the Pliocene and Quaternary. Mammal Science 30:S33-S44. [Details]

Glass, G. E., T. L. Yates, J. B. Fine, T. M. Shields, J. B. Kendall, A. G. Hope, C. A. Parmenter, C. J. Peters, T. G. Ksiazek, C. S. Li, J. A. Patz, and J. N. Mills. 2002. Satellite imagery characterizes local animal reservoir populations of Sin Nombre virus in the southwestern United States. Proceedings: National Academy of Sciences of USA 99:16817-16822. doi:10.1073/pnas.252617999 [Details] [Full Publication]

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