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Education and/or Training

B.A.1974San Francisco State University

Areas of Specialization and/or Research Interests

General economic geology
magmatic-hydrothermal deposits
regional geologic mapping

Professional Experience

2001 - PresentSupervisory Geologist
1983 - 2001Reserach Geologist - USGS
1978 - 1983Various exploration and Mining companies, western U.S., and Alaska (e.g. Noranda, Anaconda)


Total pubs: 13

Granitto, M., J. M. Schmidt, N. B. Shew, B. M. Gamble, and K. A. Labay. 2013. Alaska Geochemical Database, Version 2.0 (AGDB2) - including "best value" data compilations for rock, sediment, soil, mineral, and concentrate sample media. USGS Data Series 759, pamphlet 20 p. and database, 1 DVD. [Details] [Full Publication]

Gamble, B. M., B. L. Reed, D. H. Richter, and M. A. Lanphere. 2013. Geologic map of the east half of the Lime Hills 1:250,000-scale quadrangle, Alaska. USGS Open-File Report 2013-1090, scale 1:250,000 and GIS data. [Details] [Full Publication]

Granitto, M., E. A. Bailey, J. M. Schmidt, N. B. Shew, B. M. Gamble, and K. A. Labay. 2011. Alaska Geochemical Database (AGDB)-Geochemical data for rock, sediment, soil, mineral, and concentrate sample media. USGS Data Series 637, 31 p. [Details] [Full Publication]

Gamble, B. M., E. A. Bailey, J. M. Schmidt, N. B. Shew, K. A. Labay, M. Granitto, R. M. O'Leary, and D. E. Detra. 2010. Stream-Sediment Samples Reanalyzed for Major, Rare Earth, and Trace Elements from Seven 1:250,000-scale Quadrangles, South-Central Alaska, 2007–09. USGS Data Series 532, 4 p. [Details] [Full Publication]

Schmidt, J. M., B. M. Gamble, and K. A. Labay. 2007. Geoscience for Alaska's D-1 Lands: A Preliminary Report. USGS Open-File Report 2007-1286, 20 p. [Details] [Full Publication]

Harrison, C., S. Bergman, P. Pavenport, B. M. Gamble, S. Gordey, H. Jepson, T. Koren, B. G. Lopatin, K. Piepjohn, M. R. St-Onge, S. Scot, S. P. Shokalsky, A. Solli, S. I. Strelnikov, and F. H. Wilson. 2007. Toward the next bedrock geology map of the Circumpolar Arctic. 5th International Conference on Arctic Margins (ICAM 5), Tromso, Norway, Sept. 3-5, 2007. [Details]

Schmidt, J. M. and B. M. Gamble. 2003. The Clark Bar Prospect: Granite-hosted Sn-Mo-Ag mineralization in the Northern Talkeetna Mountains, Southern Alaska. Pages 93-104 in Galloway, J. P., (ed.). Studies by the U.S. Geological Survey in Alaska in 2001. USGS Professional Paper 1678 [Details] [Full Publication]

Gamble, B. M., W. C. Day, and M. W. Henning. 2001. Geochemistry of lithologic units, Fortymile River Study area, east-central Alaska. In Gough, L. P., and Wilson, F. H., (eds.). Geologic Studies in Alaska by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1999. USGS Professional Paper 1633:127-134. [Details] [Full Publication]

Barton, P. B., D. A. Brew, R. A. Ayuso, B. M. Gamble, D. A. John, S. D. Ludington, D. A. Lindsey, E. R. Force, R. J. Goldfarb, and K. M. Johnson. 1995. Recommendations for assessments of undiscovered mineral resources. USGS Open-File Report 95-82, 139 p. [Details] [Full Publication]

Du Bray, E. A., S. D. Ludington, W. E. Brooks, B. M. Gamble, J. C. Ratte, D. H. Richter, and E. Soria-Escalante. 1995. Compositional characteristics of middle to upper Tertiary volcanic rocks of the Bolivian Altiplano. USGS Bulletin 2119, 30 p. [Details] [Full Publication]

Till, A. B., J. A. Dumoulin, B. M. Gamble, D. S. Kaufman, and P. I. Carroll. 1986. Preliminary geologic map and fossil data, Solomon, Bendeleben, and southern Kotzebue quadrangles, Seward Peninsula, Alaska. USGS Open-File Report 86-276, 71 p. of text with interpretations. [Details]

York, J. E., F. H. Wilson, and B. M. Gamble. 1985. Digital image processing techniques for detecting surface alteration - an application on the Alaska Peninsula. In Bartsch-Winkler, S., and Reed, K. M., (eds.). The United States Geological Survey in Alaska, Accomplishments during 1983. USGS Circular 945:56-58. [Details]

York, J. E., F. H. Wilson, and B. M. Gamble. 1984. Detection of surface alteration on the Alaska Peninsula using Landsat multispectral scanner data. Remote sensing for Exploration Geology Symposium, Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 16-19 4 p. [Details]

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