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Joel A. Schmutz

Title: Research Wildlife Biologist
Address: 4210 University Dr., Anchorage, AK 99508-4626
Phone: (907) 786-7186
Fax: (907) 786-7021

Education and/or Training

Ph.D.2000University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AKBiology
M.S.1988Colorado State UniversityWildlife Biology
B.S.1985University of VermontWildlife and Fisheries Biology


Total pubs: 86

Uher-Koch, B. D., D. Esler, R. D. Dickson, J. W. Hupp, J. R. Evenson, E. M. Anderson, J. Barrett, and J. A. Schmutz. In Press. Survival of Surf Scoters and White-Winged Scoters during remigial molt. Journal of Wildlife Management. doi:10.1002/jwmg.774 [Details] [Full Publication]

Uher-Koch, B. D., J. A. Schmutz, and K. G. Wright. 2015. Nest visits and capture events affect breeding success of Yellow-billed and Pacific Loons. Condor In Press. [Details]

Rizzolo, D. J., J. A. Schmutz, S. E. McCloskey, and T. F. Fondell. 2014. Factors influencing nest survival and productivity of red-throated loons (Gavia stellata) in Alaska. Condor 116(4):574-587. doi:10.1650/CONDOR-14-25.1 [Details] [Full Publication]

Haynes, T. B., J. A. Schmutz, M. S. Lindberg, K. G. Wright, B. D. Uher-Koch, and A. E. Rosenberger. 2014. Occupancy of Yellow-billed and Pacific loons: Evidence for interspecific competition and habitat mediated co-occurrence. Journal of Avian Biology 45(3):296-304. doi:10.1111/jav.00394 [Details] [Full Publication]

Christie, K. S., M. S. Lindberg, R. W. Ruess, and J. A. Schmutz. 2014. Spatio-temporal patterns of Ptarmigan occupancy relative to shrub cover in the Arctic. Polar Biology In Press. doi:10.1007/s00300-014-1504-z [Details] [Full Publication]

Evers, D. C., J. A. Schmutz, N. Basu, C. R. DeSorbo, J. S. Fair, C. E. Gray, J. Paruk, M. Perkins, K. Regan, B. D. Uher-Koch, and K. G. Wright. 2014. Historic and contemporary mercury exposure and potential risk to Yellow-billed Loons breeding in Alaska and Canada. Waterbirds 37(sp1):147-159. doi:10.1675/063.037.sp117 [Details] [Full Publication]

Haynes, T. B., J. A. Schmutz, M. S. Lindberg, and A. E. Rosenberger. 2014. Risk of predation and weather events affect nest site selection by sympatric Yellow-billed and Pacific loons in Arctic habitats. Waterbirds 37(sp1):16-25. doi:10.1675/063.037.sp104 [Details] [Full Publication]

Schmutz, J. A., K. G. Wright, C. R. DeSorbo, J. S. Fair, D. C. Evers, B. D. Uher-Koch, and D. M. Mulcahy. 2014. Size and retention of breeding territories of yellow-billed loons in Alaska and Canada. Waterbirds 37(sp1):53-63. doi:10.1675/063.037.sp108 [Details] [Full Publication]

Schmutz, J. A. 2014. Survival of adult Red-throated Loons (Gavia stellata) may be linked to marine conditions. Waterbirds 37(sp1):118-124. doi:10.1675/063.037.sp114 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., J. A. Reed, J. A. Schmutz, T. F. Fondell, B. W. Meixell, J. W. Hupp, D. H. Ward, J. Terenzi, and C. R. Ely. 2014. Prevalence, transmission, and genetic diversity of blood parasites infecting tundra-nesting geese in Alaska. Canadian Journal of Zoology 92(8):699-706. doi:10.1139/cjz-2014-0041 [Details] [Full Publication]

Haynes, T. B., A. E. Rosenberger, M. S. Lindberg, M. Whitman, and J. A. Schmutz. 2014. Patterns of lake occupancy by fish indicate different adaptations to life in a harsh Arctic environment. Freshwater Biology. doi:10.1111/fwb.12391 [Details] [Full Publication]

Lemons, P. R., T. C. Marshall, S. E. McCloskey, S. A. Sethi, J. A. Schmutz, and J. S. Sedinger. 2014. A likelihood-based approach for assessment of extra-pair paternity and conspecific brood parasitism in natural populations. Molecular Ecology Resources In Press. doi:10.1111/1755-0998.12287 [Details] [Full Publication]

Tape, K. D., J. M. Pearce, D. Walworth, B. W. Meixell, T. F. Fondell, D. D. Gustine, P. L. Flint, J. W. Hupp, J. A. Schmutz, and D. H. Ward. 2014. Historical and contemporary imagery to assess ecosystem change on the Arctic coastal plain of northern Alaska. USGS Open-File Report 2014-1140, 22 p. doi:10.3133/ofr20141140 [Details] [Full Publication]

Uher-Koch, B. D., J. A. Schmutz, M. E. Whalen, and J. M. Pearce. 2014. Changing Arctic ecosystems - Ecology of loons in a changing Arctic. USGS Fact Sheet 2014–3093, 2 p. doi:10.3133/fs20143093 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., J. P. Fleskes, J. A. Schmutz, and M. J. Yabsley. 2013. Evaluation of blood and muscle tissues for molecular detection and characterization of haematozoa infections in Northern Pintails (Anas acuta) wintering in California. . International Journal of Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 2:102-109. doi:10.1016/j.ijppaw.2013.02.001 [Details] [Full Publication]

Wilson, H. M., J. S. Hall, P. L. Flint, J. C. Franson, C. R. Ely, J. A. Schmutz, and M. D. Samuel. 2013. High seroprevalence of antibodies to avian influenza viruses among wild waterfowl in Alaska: Implications for surveillance. PLoS One 8(3):e58308. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0058308 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ely, C. R., J. S. Hall, J. A. Schmutz, J. M. Pearce, and J. Terenzi. 2013. Evidence that life history characteristics of wild birds influence infection and exposure to Influenza A viruses. PLoS One 8(3):e57614. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0057614 [Details] [Full Publication]

Fondell, T. F., P. L. Flint, J. A. Schmutz, J. L. Schamber, and C. A. Nicolai. 2013. Variation in body mass dynamics among sites in Black Brant Branta bernicla nigricans supports adaptivity of mass loss during moult. Ibis 155(3):593-604. doi:10.1111/ibi.12056 [Details] [Full Publication]

Reeves, A. B., J. M. Pearce, A. M. Ramey, C. R. Ely, J. A. Schmutz, P. L. Flint, D. V. Derksen, H. S. Ip, and K. A. Trust. 2013. Genomic analysis of avian influenza viruses from waterfowl in Western Alaska. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 49(3):600-610. doi:10.7589/2012-04-108 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ely, C. R., D. J. Neiman, R. T. Alisauskas, J. A. Schmutz, and J. E. Hines. 2013. Geographic variation in migration chronology and winter distribution of midcontinent greater white-fronted geese. Journal of Wildlife Management 77(6):1182-1191. doi:10.1002/jwmg.573 [Details] [Full Publication]

Eaton, M. J., J. Martin, J. D. Nichols, M. C. MacCluskie, J. A. Schmutz, B. L. Lubow, and M. C. Runge. 2013. Application of threshold concepts to ecological management problems: Occupancy of Golden Eagles in Denali National Park. In Geissler, P., Gross, J. , Guntenspergen, G. (eds.). Application of Threshold Concepts in Natural Resource Decision Making. Springer-Verlag, New York, Inc, NY, USA. [Details]

Haynes, T. B., A. E. Rosenberger, M. S. Lindberg, M. Whitman, and J. A. Schmutz. 2013. Method- and species-specific detection probabilities of fish occupancy in Arctic lakes: Implications for design and management. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 70(7):1055-1062. doi:10.1139/cjfas-2012-0527 [Details] [Full Publication]

Lewis, T. L., M. S. Lindberg, J. A. Schmutz, and M. R. Bertram. 2013. Multi-trophic resilience of boreal lake ecosystems to forest fires. Ecology 95(1253–1263). doi:10.1890/13-1170.1 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ramey, A. M., C. R. Ely, J. A. Schmutz, J. M. Pearce, and D. J. Heard. 2012. Molecular detection of hematozoa infections in tundra swans relative to migration patterns and ecological conditions at breeding grounds. PLoS One 7(9):e45789. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0045789 [Details] [Full Publication]

Ravens, T. M., B. M. Jones, J. Zhang, C. D. Arp, and J. A. Schmutz. 2012. Process-based coastal erosion modeling for Drew Point, North Slope, Alaska. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering 138:122-130. doi:10.1061/(ASCE)WW.1943-5460.0000106 [Details] [Full Publication]

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Lewis, T. L., P. L. Flint, D. V. Derksen, J. A. Schmutz, B. Taylor, E. J. Taylor, K. S. Bollinger. 2011. Using body mass dynamics to examine long-term habitat shifts of arctic-molting geese: Evidence for ecological change. Polar Biology 34:1751-1762. doi:10.1007/s00300-011-1025-y [Details] [Full Publication]

Lewis, T. L., P. L. Flint, D. V. Derksen, and J. A. Schmutz. 2011. Fine scale movements and habitat use of Black Brant during the flightless wing molt in Arctic Alaska. Waterbirds 34:177-185. [Details]

Arp, C. D., B. M. Jones, J. A. Schmutz, F. E. Urban, and M. T. Jorgenson. 2010. Two mechanisms of aquatic and terrestrial habitat change along an Alaskan arctic coastline. Polar Biology 33(12):1629-1640. doi:10.1007/s00300-010-0800-5 [Details] [Full Publication]

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Lewis, T. L., P. L. Flint, J. A. Schmutz, and D. V. Derksen. 2010. Temporal and spatial shifts in habitat use by Black Brant immediately following flightless molt. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 122:484-493. [Details]

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