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Contracting - Request For Quotes

Project: Updates to the Alaska fossils database


Technical Requirements:

Data that is to be included in each new record will provide the following information:
  • Fossil collector and affiliation
  • Sample number
  • Location description, latitude and longitude
  • Paleontologist and affiliation
  • Fossil group, genus/species, and any appropriate references
  • Age and time range for species
  • Sample repository
  • For E&R reports, author, page, date, number of samples, number of localities;
  • For publications, reference citation including author, date, title, and publication

Contractor will examine existing records in the database and provide updates where appropriate. In addition, the contractor will maintain contacts with geologists and paleontologists and will create new records as appropriate for occurrences that are either missing from the database or are newly discovered.

  • The time frame for completion of assigned tasks will vary depending on the complexity of the update information. It is anticipated that updated information will be provided to the USGS by the contractor as Filemaker Pro records for new and revised records and MS Word documents for reference citations; revisions to existing records will also be provided as hard copy documents.
  • Deliverable items include: completed new fossil records and revised existing records, and updated reference records. As stated, the time frame for completion of assigned tasks will vary; however, it is expected that at least quarterly reports be submitted. The contractor will develop and submit a proposed schedule for the timing and thresholds for record update following discussions with the project officer; it is generally expected that updated records will be submitted at least bi-annually.
  • Coordination: We can consider having a regional focus for update efforts at any point during the contract. If this is suggested by the contractor or project officer, this can develop after discussions with the project officer and other individuals.
  • Criteria for acceptance of Product or Service. Work will be considered acceptable if data acquisition efforts are submitted in a complete package, within established time frames, and are accurate upon review. To this end, completed work is reviewed for accuracy and conformity to institutional and professional standards, as well as accomplishment of overall objectives.
  • The new records will be randomly spot checked for accuracy and completeness. For preparation of materials, the USGS "Suggestions to Authors, 7th edition" manual will be the main guide.

Deliverables: Clearly documented completed new fossil records and revised existing records;

  • Scans of cited E&R reports or publications used;

    Updated reference records;
    Periodic (quarterly) reports will be prepared by the incumbent providing a summary of work to date and describing anticipated progress on future updates.

Period of Performance: December 15, 2015 to September 20, 2016
Vendor must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) Contractor Registration Data base prior to award of federal purchase order.

Vendor must invoice through the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)

Interested parties should contact USGS Purchasing Agent Tyrone Rowse

Quote Due By: December 07, 2015 NLT 12:00PM AKDST

For all projects, contact: Tyrone Rowse

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