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Contracting - Request For Quotes

Project: Major and trace element geochemical analyses of igneous and sedimentary rock samples.


Scope: The tectonic setting and petrogenetic history of a rock, or suite of rocks, may be interpreted using chemical composition, in addition to field and geological relationships, but the former requires high-precision analyses of major and trace elements by advanced techniques. We intend to submit approximately 200 samples to a commercial lab for bulk chemical characterization to support investigations of the petrogenesis of igneous rocks in our project area.

Technical Requirements: Geochemical characterization of rock compositions requires specialized sample preparation by multiple techniques, taking into consideration the variable properties of different elements. Commercial labs have developed combination techniques to liberate all elements in a rock (e.g., four-acid digestion plus lithium borate fusion), including the most resistive to standard digestion methods (e.g., high-field strength elements). Un-bonded elements may then be measured using standard analytical techniques, including X-ray Flourescence (XRF), inductivity coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) and inductivity coupled plasma atomic emission spetroscopy (ICP-AES). Generally, the most widely accepted method for measuring the major elements (0.01wt.%-100wt.%) is analysis by XRF, whereas the trace elements (0.01 ppm) are most effectively measured by ICP-MS and base metals by ICP-AES. Volatile contents are also included in standard analytical packages, measured as Loss on Ignition (LOI) at ~1,000°C.

Deliverables: The contractor shall provide deliverables as a report in Excel spreadsheet format. The report shall include quality-assessment, quality-control analyses of duplicate measurements and standards. The contractor shall return all remaining geological materials, including sample remnants, chips, and powders.

Period of Performance: 11/01/2016 to 03/31/2017

Vendor must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM)

Vendor must invoice through the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)

Quote Due By: November 01, 2016 NLT 12:00PM AKDST

For all projects, contact: Tyrone Rowse

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